Praying for Health

The Prescription of God's Word

The Word of God may be an effective antidote in daily life for both depression and anxiety. If you are a believer you are convinced that God has created natural ways as well as a spiritual prescription for battling and defeating depression and anxiety in your life. 

One may not want to admit it, but all of us probably talk to ourselves from time to time. Don't worry; its is very normal. In fact, the most important conversations that we have are those we have with ourselves. Unfortunately, people who are depressed or who are suffering from anxiety, tend to have mostly negative conversations with themselves. This make things even worse even worse because it means their minds are constantly barraged by nagging negative thoughts that beat them down a little lower each day. 


There are many people that belong to some kind of religion. The fact is that about 95% of Americans believe in God. When a person is sick or in pain, it is very common to pray for health. Many wonder does this work?  There are studies today that are committed on the accuracy of prayer for health. The alternative to traditional treatments can be used to help a person in both the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Studies are now looking at if prayer can be used in place of other medical procedures or if it is used in connection with the traditional ways.

It is logical to say that prayer can help with your mental conditions. However the belief in a higher power and heaven will give you a more positive outlook on life and your medical progress. Relieving stress and anxiety in the mind is going to make for better health decisions. The people that pray are going to have a larger support group of others who are also in the religious manner and it will bring a sense of community to the person that is praying.  All of these can help improve overall health.

Can prayer help physically? 

One questions is if prayer can help physically and bring healing to the body?  Studies are doing more work in this subject and have split it into three topics. One group received no prayers from a larger group, one received prayers and was told about it and the last had prayers and they were told that they may or may not receive them. This blind type of study was inconclusive. It could not be determined if the patients were praying or if the outside friends and family were praying.  It was not possible to control those types of studies. 

With many of the different alternative therapy options, advocates will say that it is not going to hurt anything. This is true for sure. Praying does not cost anything and it takes little time. When used with typical medical procedures it can only help with a person’s health. The medical field was started in ancient times as a type of religion and with many doctors and the nursing staff as the roles of religious leaders.  n the world today, this is not the case and in most hospitals it still employee’s members of the clergy to visit the patients if they want.

With the studies being inconclusive, it may be very unproductive to use prayer in place of other medical treatments.  You need to discuss this with your doctor and religious leaders so that you have the best course of action for you and your medical problem.

If you are using prayers it will make you feel more positive about your condition and you should continue to do this. 



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