Sustainability - Shop Well and Fair with Zuntree

Our business is based on ethical and climate sustainable considerations.

Our business is run by environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and we try to do what we can to help tackle the defining issue of our generation. 

Our environmental impact

We are a small trading company and our environmental impacts are naturally found in our office and in our sales and purchasing. To address this, we are trying to reduce our resource consumption, both inside and outside the office. We do this by streamlining and where possible ending the cycle. By using energy-efficient technical equipment, minimization of our travel (e.g. by using Skype instead), recycling of materials and equipment, kitchen waste collected for digestion into biogas etc. we aim to be as climate smart as possible.

We carbon compensate by 200%

How can we climate compensate this much? To start with, it’s not very expensive. The question is instead how can we afford NOT to? By giving back, in our case 200 %, we give back more than we take.

We invest in positive climate impact. If the world is to be able to reach the global climate target to limit global warming to below two degrees, we both need to reduce emissions of climate gases to the atmosphere and at the same time drain the atmosphere on some of the carbon dioxide we have already released. So, it’s not enough to just be neutral. We plant trees that suck down and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when the trees grow. We compensate for all our emissions and also suck in another 100%. The result is that we contribute to reducing the levels of climate gases in the atmosphere.

The Zuntree Vision ♡

The Zuntree Brand is created by seasoned and experienced health enthusiasts. Based on our own long experience from Health & Wellness and Vitamins & Supplements, we are extremely selective, and settle only for the best products available.

All our products are made in the USA.

Our focus is on seasoned Men & Women in the prime of their lives - 50+, who like us, want to live an active and healthy life, still working or having retired.  

In the Zuntree World, Sustainability stands both for - living a Sustainable and Healthy life, taking care of the Body & Soul AND a Sustainable Living, taking care of Mother Earth. We want to do this by reducing the consumption of natural resources, and reducing the carbon footprint as much as possible, but without giving up our way of living.

Our own business is naturally based on both ethical and climate sustainable considerations.

Zuntree is run by environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and we do what we can to help tackle the defining issue of our own and also future generations.

Our ambition is to combine good profitability with social responsibility and environmental considerations. We want to be known as a green, eco-friendly catalyst and accelerator of change also in the health & wellness sectors.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are truly SDG advocates and want to contribute as much as we can to all goals set by the UN.

We have however for the years 2019 - 2020 decided to especially focus on three areas:

Gender Equality and empower all women and girls (SDG #5) 

We donate 5% of our net profit to Hand in Hand International who fights poverty with grassroots entrepreneurship in Africa and Asia.



Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG #6)

We support UNESCO Water Security Initiative and we are currently investigating which NGO to support working for this specific cause.


Climate Action (SDG #13)

We climate compensate for our emissions by 200% by purchasing compensation certificates from tree-planting projects certified by Plan Vivo