This Is Why I Mix Yoga With CBD

What do you get when you combine yoga and CBD? In my experience, you get a state of calm and relaxation, increased flexibility, strength, and a decrease in stress and anxiety. 

I began practicing yoga nearly 20 years ago and was introduced to CBD about two years ago. I started taking CBD for the same reasons I practice yoga: to help me connect spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Some studies have shown that CBD may help to reduce anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain. People are choosing to make this switch from over-the-counter medications to CBD edibles or tinctures.

When speaking with my yoga students, they tell me that the combination of yoga and CBD decreases stress, anxiety, inflammation, and pain. One client also mentions that she finds the link to both vital as she ages and finds her joints don't ache upon walking when practicing yoga. When she takes CBD in the morning, it allows her to feel controlled and focused throughout the day.

Why yoga?
Originating in India, yoga dates back more than 5000 years, with individuals practicing it to connect spiritually and for self-discipline. Since then, it has grown to encompass health and wellness benefits enjoyed throughout the world. There is a process in which you connect your breath to your movements, fostering calm and stillness and allowing for strength and stamina.

Yoga, to me, is a life-long practice of self-discovery and to increase flexibility and balance. It has evolved over the years as a means to bring calm and patience in raising my children. Not only because it was tough at times due to chronic sleep deprivation when they were young, but also due to the choices my husband and I made in raising them to develop life-long practices of self-care and kindness to others.

Why CBD?

Studies have shown that CBD can treat different types of chronic pain and inflammation.This can lead to quicker recovery from injuries and muscle damage caused by workouts. This improved recovery can help you work out for longer periods. 

Here are some of the benefits I have experienced adding CBD to my yoga routine. 

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