Top 4 Supplements for Anxiety

Anxiety disorder affects up to 33.7% of people during the course of their lifetime, according to this large population study. The severity of anxiety can differ from person to person. Whether you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or notice yourself experiencing it, we researched the top 4 supplements for anxiety to help you heal in a holistic way without needing a trip to the doctor or prescribed medications.


GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder is “characterized by excessive worry that is difficult to control,” and often accompanied by “physical symptoms including restlessness, being easily fatigued, difficulty concentrating, irritability, muscle tension, or sleep disturbance” according to the CDC.

  • Anxiety can interfere with work, school, and relationships
  • Anxiety can induce physical and emotional symptoms
  • It is the most common mental disorder
  • Nearly 50% of Americans diagnosed with depression also have anxiety (2)
  • Women are twice as likely to be affected by anxiety than men
  • Anxiety is highly treatable, yet only about ⅓ of sufferers seek treatment



If you find yourself experiencing nervousness, sweating, tightness in your chest, racing thoughts, feelings of overwhelm, or the like, it is important to reach out to a medical professional to be properly assessed. In the interim, try using the following to help reduce and ease symptoms of anxiety.


Gamma-aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA for short, is a neurotransmitter located within the brain that is vital to the production of serotonin, the nervous system’s happy neurotransmitter. Consume through vitamins or direct supplements.

Valerian Root

This supplement is commonly utilized as a sleep aid for those who suffer from insomnia. Valerian root increases levels of relaxation and has been used for centuries dating back to early Greek and Roman times. Available as a tea or in supplement form as a capsule.


This herbal medicine has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for years to slow the process of ageing, boost energy, and reduce anxiety. It is widely used today to improve mood and reduce symptoms of GAD. Available by consumption of fruit, seeds, and shoots, or in supplement form as a capsule.

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins are a necessary component to the health of our central nervous system. Together there are 8 different nutrients that “work together to manage many processes in the body, including stress levels” (3). Available in a wide variety of foods, or in supplement form as a capsule.

Incorporate some of these natural supplements into your daily routine and take note of any positive effects they have on your mood and the minimization of anxiety symptoms.