Zuntree Advanced Immune Support

Zuntree Advanced Immune Support is a potent supplement that is formulated with nutraceutical grade ingredients that boost immune system function. The carefully chosen blend of ingredients is backed by clinical research that demonstrates their powerful health-enhancing benefits, some of which include [1-6]:

  • Improved health of cells that influence immunity
  • Heightened activity of white blood cells
  • Higher resistance to stress
  • Shortened duration and severity of cold-related issues
  • Enhanced health and well-being due to the reduced strain on the immune system
  • Increased levels of beneficial proteins that white blood cells produce
  • Enhanced detoxification

The formula consists of elderberry, vitamin C, Astragalus, oregano, ginger, Moringa leaf, and garlic bulb powder, all of which are organic ingredients that support long-term health by protecting cells throughout the entire body, particularly those that play a role in immune system function.

Vitamin C is well-known for its ability to boost immunity due to its antioxidant activity and it is especially beneficial at targeting cold-related issues such as a runny nose or coughing [1]. This key nutrient also heightens the production of one of the most abundant forms of white blood cells, called neutrophils [1]. These white blood cells become activated in response to the immune system’s detection of foreign invaders and they immediately begin to engulf illness-causing microorganisms as well as release other substances (e.g., enzymes, proteins) that destroy harmful agents.

Zuntree Advanced Immune Support

Elderberry is another popular immune-boosting ingredient that contains active components (e.g., vitamins A and C) that not only target infectious microorganisms, but also promote the detoxification of bacteria, viruses, and toxins [2]. Research even shows that elderberry is particularly useful at enhancing the immune system’s ability to fight different strains of the influenza virus (influenza type A and B) [3]. This is because elderberry contains flavonoids (powerful antioxidants) that appear to bind to influenza virus particles, thereby preventing them from entering the body’s cells [4].

The combination of herbs such as Astragalus, Moringa leaf, oregano, ginger, and garlic bulb that is found in this supplement also has antioxidant, anti-microbial, and white blood cell-enhancing activity that makes them essential nutrients for optimal immune system function [5-8]. Astragalus, in particular, heightens the immune system’s response to certain health problems and reduces immune hypersensitivity that can make it harder for the body to recover from an illness [5]. Moringa Oleifera leaf has antiviral, cleansing, and detoxifying properties that reduce the workload on the immune system as well [6]. Furthermore, botanicals such as oregano, ginger, and garlic all have anti-fungal properties, improving the body’s ability to naturally target different types of fungi, including those that commonly cause yeast infections [7, 8].

This clinically supported supplement doesn’t just contain the right ingredients, but also the right serving of each ingredient to sustain long-term health; a benefit that is especially important due to our increased exposure to harmful viruses and bacteria. Zuntree Advanced Immune Support is a uniquely designed dietary supplement that ensures your immune system is always ready to ward off an attack!


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